April Carnival of Christian Writers #19

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Carnival 2


The sun is shining and the Son is shining
for the April
2008 Carnival of Christian Writers #19



icon_cotton.jpg Author Patricia Woodside talks about “Writing Your Best Storyat Readin’ & Writin’ with Patricia.

icon_cotton.jpg Heidi Shelton Black offers advice on “Finding work-for-hire assignments in the Christian education market“.

icon_cotton.jpg Inspirational Editor Susah Loher wonders “Have you weeded your novel today?”

icon_cotton.jpg Literary Agent Rachelle Gardner shares the blessings of the publishing business in her post, “The Magic: It’s the People“.

icon_cotton.jpg Literary Agent Chip MacGregor answers candidly when writers are “Asking about agents“.

icon_cotton.jpg Writer . . . Interrupted’s own Gina Conroy ponders “If too many crits spoil the WIP“.

icon_cotton.jpg Katherie Lang of The Peculiar Club shares insights on “Living the Dream“.


icon_cotton.jpg Victoria Gaines provides some thoughts worth considering in Getting Over Ourselves“.

icon_cotton.jpg Christa Allen asks, “Would Will Shakespeare survive a critique group today?” in “The Bard is the Bomb”.

icon_cotton.jpg Denise M. Ruggieri encourages writers to “Bless it Forward.


icon_cotton.jpg Rebecca Dean aka “Miss Copy” helps copywriters how to “Write your first paragraph“.

icon_cotton.jpg Author Tricia Goyer talks about her road to getting published and offers encouragement to those who are also persuing publication in “Little by Little“.



Thank you one and all for coming to the carnival!

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can partipate in the Carnival of Christian Writers!

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