The Perfect Blog: Setting Your Words Free

October 22, 2012 by  
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It’s Monday. The day I’m supposed to blog. And I have some GREAT posts in my draft folder. I’m really excited for you to read them, eventually. Unfortunately, they’re doing you and me no good sitting in my draft folder half finished. So what is it going to take to set them free?

Schedule Time to Blog

I’m guilty of not using my time wisely. I’m also guilty of too much social media in the morning. Instead, I’m committing to less social media and more blogging in the morning when I’m the most contemplative. It’s the time before everyone gets up that I can truly listen to my own heart and hear God’s reply.

Finish What I Start

I’m guilty of starting a project or post and when the muse seems to vanish, I’m on to another project. Needless to say, this is not the way to finish anything! So I’m committing to one blog at at time. At least I’m going to attempt to finish the blog posts in my draft folder. That is a huge deal for me and will take lots of focus. And yes, I’m a little nervous about this commitment!

Trust My Heart 

I’m guilty of trying to write that perfect post, mulling over my words when in reality, the posts that touch the most people come straight from my heart and take minutes to write! So I’m committing to writing from the heart, then letting it sit. If it still resonates with me later, than I know it’s what needs to be said!

Press Publish

Perfect or not, there comes a time you just have to hit send. I’m guilty of second guessing myself and wanting my words to be perfect. I don’t think they’ll ever be perfect, but they will be right…for that moment. So, I commit to press publish even if all my Ts aren’t crossed and I have one too many phrases. I will press publish and believe that the authenticity, the heart of my words will rule over my grammar…every time!

What are YOU guilty of and what do you commit to do to set your words free?

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