Interrupted by Sickness: A Blessing in Disguise

February 11, 2013 by  
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Thankfully, I’m not the one who came down with the flu Saturday, it was my mom. But while I wasn’t reeling from dizziness and nausea like she was, my plans were thrown for a loop. And I knew my plans were about to be  interrupted by sickness.

Just when I was about to get in line to snap a picture with Tony Dovolani, the Dancing with The Stars Allstar Mirror Ball Champion, I got the call that my mom needed me. So I left immediately, hoping that I might possibly be able to make it to the Valentine’s Dance that evening. But it was quite obvious by my mother’s drunken sailor stagger,  there was no way I could leave her home alone, even for a few hours.

So I grabbed a few things from home and planned on spending the night with my home, in her home without television, or internet! Oh boy, talk about my life being interrupted!

But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. My mom was a great patient, spending 95% of the time quiet in bed. That meant I had a whole lot of time to myself and a choice to make.

I could have felt sorry for myself for missing out on a swing dance I’d been looking forward to attending for months, or I could put things into perspective. At least I wasn’t puking my guts up.

As one sleepover night turned into two, I had another choice to make. Twiddle my thumbs with boredom and search Facebook for some human connection (which I did some of) or take a deep breath and look at the quiet time as a retreat where I could actually get some writing done. And I did. About 2,000 new words were written.

So my interruption by sickness was actually a blessing to me. I got to sneak away to my mom’s for two days to rest from my normal weekend activities. Would I have like to snap that photo with Tony Dovolani and gone to the Valentine’s Dance. Absolutely, and to be honest, I felt left out, but knew I was where I was needed, where God wanted me to be and that gave me peace.

What about you? Have you ever found an interruption in your life to be a blessing? How do you handle it?

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