Saturday, May 23, 2015

About Gina Conroy

I used to think I knew where my life was headed, now I’m leaning on the Lord to show me the way. When I’m not parenting, blogging, or ballroom and swing dancing, I’m pursuing publication in fiction, and trying to keep things in perspective, knowing His timing is perfect, even if I don’t agree with it! 😉 You can read all about my triumphs and trials at Defying Gravity, follow my daily musings on twitter and Facebook. Read my articles on Writer…Interrupted.

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Secret Admirer: One of the winners in Chip MacGregor’s Bad Poetry contest.“But if you want strange visions, take a look at this year’s WORST PROZAC POEM, from Gina Conroy, who really needs to have the doctor up her meds.”

Staying Close Even Though You’re Far Away (2001 Community Spirit reprint)


My debut novella, released January 2012 from Barbour!

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from Buried Deception


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