Monday, March 2, 2015

Top 10 Lessons Learned at ACFW

I, your humble reporter, attended the ACFW Writer’s Conference last weekend. It was the first time I’d attended since 2005. As you can guess, I found myself…interrupted after that point. If you can swing it, get there. The fellowship alone is worth the price. Start saving your pennies now for next year. That being said, […]

Conference Debriefing: Easing Back into the Real World

Repost Sept 27, 2012 Conference is over. You met with like-minded people, heard amazing speakers, and spoke with an editor or to, but you’re back home and easing into the real world. Normal life must continue despite all the emotions and excitement you’ve just experience, so how do you handle it all? Rest You’re body […]

Conference Time

This week Super G will have some activities planned for those of you unable to attend the ACFW Conference in Indianapolis. I will be there, but the last time I attended was six years ago. I think I’m about due. Does that mean my writing career has suffered a great setback? Not at all. We’re […]

Conference Prep: Final Touches on You!

Okay ladies. If you haven’t already scheduled your mani/pedis, haircuts/color and facial waxing, it’s time!! Yes, it’s important to look your best at these writer conferences. A well groomed author says you’re a serious author and for all the money you’re dropping at the conference, you better be serious! And while you’re beautifying yourself, don’t […]

Taking Care of Family While You’re at Conference

So you have your One Sheets, perfected your pitch, you know who you’re pitching to, and you even splurged for a mani/pedi, but what about those you will be leaving behind? As I get ready to drive to the ACFW conference, I’m trying to make sure my family is taken care of. Here’s a checklist […]

It’s Not to Late to Prepare Book Pitch for Conference

For the next couple of weeks on Tuesday & Thursdays we’ll be focusing on conference preparation here at Writer…Interrupted. One of the most important reasons to go to a conference is to pitch to an editor and/or agent. Many CBA publishers do not accept unsolicited manuscripts. This is a good way to get yourself before […]

Know Your Editors

Nothing shouts “NEWBIE…UNPROFESSIONAL” like pitching an editor or agent a suspense story when in their bio it says they don’t represent suspense. So before you pull out your romance one sheet make sure the editor is looking for romance. The more you know about your editor or agent, the more prepared you’ll be for your […]

What Goes on a One Sheet?

Going to a writer’s conference and don’t know what to put on a One Sheet? Here’s a great guide to One Sheets that get noticed!

What’s a One Sheet?

So you’ve worked on your pitch, gotten it down to a 30 second sound bite that will knock the socks of an editor. Now what if he/she wants to know more? That’s when I pull out my One Sheet. I rarely have to do a lot of talking in my 15 minute interviews. I just […]

Perfecting Your Pitch

For the next couple of weeks on Tuesday & Thursdays we’ll be focusing on conference preparation here at Writer…Interrupted. So you’ve finished your novel and your ready to set your baby loose. But if you were asked to describe your novel in a few sentences, would you be able to do it? Some people call […]

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