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The Rule of 5

December 17, 2013 by  
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As we near year’s end, many of us are setting goals for 2014. You are, aren’t you? Writers should always set goals. Discipline is a component of our craft that may rank even higher than talent. The world is awash with brilliant writers who have never been published. These are the ones who weren’t disciplined […]

Goal Setting for Codependents

September 9, 2013 by  
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STOP… before you scroll past this post. I know, the word codependent conjures up all types of dysfunctions I’m sure you don’t have, but what if the the goal setting principles in the post can actually help you set goals AND reach them? Are you willing to take a chance and read on? To swallow […]

Is Social Media Destroying YOUR Productivity?

August 15, 2013 by  
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8 Ways to Kill Your Writing Mojo

August 1, 2013 by  
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This whole writing business can be quite pesky. I mean, who really needs a muse popping up at inconvenient times and giving you burning inspiration that simply must be addressed? Who likes having a physical need to express oneself creatively? And who enjoys a solid groove of manuscript progress? There are ways to make it […]

How to Start your Writing Business: Famous Writer, Inc.

April 23, 2013 by  
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Every writer has uttered the words “I want to write full time someday!” Unless you are the child of Donald and (insert bride name here) Trump, you probably don’t have the luxury of buying a beach-house in the Keys and living out your Hemingwayesque fantasy. You have bills, a mortgage, car payments, and probably someone […]

The Lonely Writer: No Writer Left Behind

April 18, 2013 by  
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Gina Conroy, who shall henceforth be known as Super G on this here blog, posted in Writer…Interrupted this week about her struggles as a “left behind” writer. She and I have shared this same lonely writer experience. We began writing years ago and found other newbies to hang out with (albeit electronically) and encourage. However, […]

Feeling Overwhelmed with Your Work Load?

February 19, 2013 by  
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First drafts, research, edits – it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There are steps you can take to get through it. • Write it down – I often make lists of everything that’s causing me stress. There is something about getting it from your mind to paper that helps keep it in perspective. • Start with […]

Putting the WORK back into Work-at-Home Mom

February 7, 2013 by  
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Once upon a lifetime I worked as a Financial Analyst at an worldwide HR firm. It sounds far more prestigious than it actually was. Sure, I had specific degrees of stress, but I managed it all with elaborate spreadsheets, lists and calendars. I was good at my job. That was nearly ten years ago before […]

4 Practical Ways on How to meet a Deadline

February 5, 2013 by  
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The first time I wrote a book on a deadline it was both exhilarating and scary. Here’s what I’ve learned about how to meet a deadline. 1. Banish self doubt. There isn’t time to constantly second guess every decision. If an editor had faith that you could deliver, have that same amount of confidence in […]

Searching for an Agent

January 8, 2013 by  
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When I got my first publishing contract, the editor discovered my manuscript buried in the slush pile. At the time, this publisher didn’t require their writers to have an agent, so I worked without an agent over the course of three books. Now that I’m further into my writing career, I’m ready to have an […]

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