Friday, February 27, 2015

Writer…Interrupted By Summer

School has been out for a couple of weeks and I’m THRILLED that for a short season I’m free from all the trappings of the school year. For the next couple of months, I won’t have to: help with any Algebra homework drag any children out of bed scrounge through the kitchen to find something […]

To Sleep or Not to Sleep?

The kids are finally asleep. I just kicked off a second load of laundry, straightened the living room (for the fourteenth time today) and cleaned the bathroom. Exhausted, I ignored the dirty dishes in the sink. It’s 9:27 PM, but it feels like 11. I should write. I should work on that project that has […]

How to Write Without an Office

Does the lack of privacy keep you from writing? In a recent web class I learned more about the unique way I learn, write and study. I had to laugh but I’m in a stage of life where my natural needs in the way of office space (private, quiet, creatively decorated) aren’t an option. With five […]

Back to School … and Work

FROM THE ARCHIVES Something absolutely amazing happened this week. My youngest child started preschool. For the first time in over eleven years of stay-home momhood, I have the house to myself. The dog and cats are outside. The TV is off, radio is off. I can hear the refrigerator running as I type. And that […]

When You’re Not the Only One in Your Family with a Dream

From the Editor: I’ve been thinking a lot about my personal goals, my children’s dreams, and what I want my family to look like. Unfortunately, all three are often in conflict with one another at different times. I knew from a young age that I wanted to write, and I’ve never doubted the calling, though […]

Life’s Little Interruptions

“We all become frustrated when seemingly meaningless interruptions interfere with plans we have for our careers, families, finances, or ministries. Are we missing God’€™s interventions as He seeks to divert us to His will?”

Five Tips for the Writing Dad (or Mom)

My alarm goes off at five. I get up. Flip on the coffee, stumble to the computer, and blink myself awake while the computer hums through its startup. I read a little of my work from the previous day and begin to fall into the clicking rhythm of creation. When the coffee burbles, I go […]

Learning to play

I want to be like my daughters when I grow up. To many that makes no sense because children are supposed to grow up and be like us.But most kids do a few things we grown ups have forgotten…Kids play hard.They fall down, dust themselves off and try again.They laugh. A lot. They marvel at […]

Waiting Game

Lately, it seems I’m spending quite a bit of time waiting. Waiting for projects to get finished. Waiting in carpool lines. Waiting for a letter to arrive. Waiting for a page to load. Waiting for the Next Thing. I’m not a very good “wait-er.” I feel impatience start rising from my toes and hit my […]

Writing Thanks

Maybe it’s a lost art. Maybe folks are too busy. But I wonder if the reason so many don’t write a simple thank you note is because we’ve forgotten something important. Being thankful. So here’s a short holiday challenge… Think of five people who’ve done something to encourage you this year. Got that list? Now here’s […]

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