Friday, April 29, 2016

Release the Novel in You!

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Give the gift of story!

NOW is the perfect time to plot your novel. What are you waiting for?

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This class is available online or in a classroom setting

Is there a Novel Inside of You?

“I’ve known Gina for years—watching her learn these very techniques, put them into action in her novels, and help teenagers dive into the world of storycrafting. Her techniques are guaranteed to put the fun back into learning how to write and to release the budding novelist in you!”- Susan May Warren, RITA and Christy award-winning, best-selling novelist and nationally acclaimed writing coach

Writing book for teens

Level: Beginning/Intermediate

Recommended Grades: 5th –12th* (ages 10- 17+)

*Younger students may need to be evaluated

Please inquire for the 5 day online fiction course. Now enrolling for Christmas break!

Class size is limited to 6-10 students. If class size is full, you will be put on the waiting list for the next course. Put together your own class of 4 students and get $10 off tuition!

Course Objective:

  • 4 elements of a story: Character, Plot, Setting, Theme
  • Advanced plotting using original curriculum geared to preteens and teens
  • Hooking your reader by the end of the first page
  • Common writing mistakes and mechanics of good writing
  • Showing vs. telling, POV, character voice, avoiding backstory, passive/active words, writing dialogue, varying sentence structure¸ descriptive writing

What students are saying:
“If you are thinking about publishing a book, she’s amazing. If you just want to write a story, she’s amazing.  I highly recommend her classes.” – Katherine, 11 yrs old

“I enjoyed this class very much. This class is easy to understand because it goes at a perfect pace and is taken step by step. This was awesome and so much fun! I hope the book I’m writing gets published one day!(: -Casey, 14 yrs old
“I liked how Gina Conroy put the way of planning stories into different types of games and used P.L.A.Y. to bring home the points about Playmate, Location, Action, and Game.  :)  It makes it fun to read and a more engaging way to think about plotting.” – Danielle, 14 yrs old


“Gina Conroy…turned my writing upside down in only 10 pages. She crammed so much in I had to come up for air, but I am so pleased with the outcome. Before, I only thought I could write.” Jessie Gunderson

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