Sunday, September 21, 2014

Continuing TEEN Fiction Coaching, Critiques & Groups

If you’ve taken any one of my Teen classes and feel you need a little more coaching here’s what I can do for you:

Take a second class for 10% off the price

One on One Coaching: 30 minutes phone/Skype consultation/brainstorming session about your story structure or any other elements of the class. $20

Critique Group Mentoring: I will set you up in a critique group of your peers that have gone through my class and will teach you how to critique constructively. I will monitor the first critiques you give each other then, then set you loose to be your own support group!  $10 per member 

Fiction Tune Up: If at any time you’d like ME to critique your stories, say for a contest or just to get some more hands on learning, I will offer you my Contest Critique Special $15 for the first ten pages. $1 per page after that.