Sunday, May 1, 2016

Continuing TEEN Fiction Coaching, Critiques & Groups

If you’ve taken any one of my Teen classes and feel you need a little more coaching here’s what I can do for you:

Take a second class for 10% off the price

One on One Coaching: 30 minutes phone/Skype consultation/brainstorming session about your story structure or any other elements of the class. $20

Critique Group Mentoring: I will set you up in a critique group of your peers that have gone through my class and will teach you how to critique constructively. I will monitor the first critiques you give each other then, then set you loose to be your own support group!  I’ll even come visit via Skype or Google hangout to see how everyone is progressing. $10 per member 

Fiction Tune Up: If at any time you’d like ME to critique your stories, say for a contest or just to get some more hands on learning, I will offer you my Contest Critique Special $15 for the first ten pages. $1 per page after that.

Mentor  Program: Each month I invite dedicated and hard working writers to be part of my mentoring program. This is an intensive critique and edit of your current WIP (work in progress)  

$100 a month for 20 pages a week
$60 a months for 10 pages a week
$30 a month for 5 pages a week

Submissions must be double spaced, 12pt in Times New Roman which is the publishing industry standard. If you’d like to be considered for this program please email, writerinterrupted (at) gmail (dot) com