Saturday, February 28, 2015

Digging Up Your Past So You Can Resurrect Your Future Blog Tour

Welcome to the campaign launch of the paperback version of Digging Up Death.

While the ebook, Digging Up Death, released November 28th (without a lot of fanfare, huge giveaways, or gimmicks,) I’m excited to offer Digging Up Death to the non ereader! Once again, there will be no fanfare or huge giveaways, but I believe this launch will offer more value than any monetary prize.


“Digging Up Your Past, So You Can Resurrect Your Future” focuses on the theme of Digging Up Death. It digs deeper between the covers of the book to help readers deal with their own “stuff” through Mari Duggins’ journey. Stuff that stops them from living to their fullest potential. Stuff that’s keeping them in bondage. Stuff, maybe buried so deep, they don’t even know it’s there. This event is about digging up your past so you can let it go and experience unconditional love and freedom through forgiveness and acceptance from God.

WHO? You may participate in a number of ways

If you are a reader, then all you have to do is show up. More about that later.

If you are an author or have a ministry, you can join the tour, offering your expertise, thoughts, and even books to participants.

If you are a blogger, there are several opportunities to offer character interviews and original guest posts to your readers covering the theme of “Digging Up Your Past, So You Can Resurrect Your Future.”


Many people wear masks hiding their wounded souls. Fearing rejection, they show the world an image of a person they want to be.  They strive for fame and fortune, yet are never satisfied because true self-worth can only be found in Christ. Mari Duggins had to learn this lesson the hard way in Digging Up Death. 

She shows the world the image of someone who is confident, yet inside she’s hurting. Because of her abusive past, she doesn’t believe in a loving God. She strives to find fulfillment through material and professional means while her soul hungers for validation.

If Mari doesn’t realize God cares for her, she will never find peace. Many people are like Mari, and through this campaign, I hope they can see that they are loved unconditionally by God as he offers  forgiveness.

If you want to help spread this message, then I’d love for you to participate.

WHEN? TBA sometime in February

HOW? I’m still working this part out, but it will include:

1. A Facebook event (1-3) days where authors and ministry leaders can host an hour and discuss how their book or ministry relates to the theme. Self promotion and giveaways are encouraged!

2. Guest Posts related to the themes

3. Character interviews related to the theme and the secret pasts of characters (with no spoilers, of course)

4. Email me with your idea

If you want to participate, please let me know how in this contact form!

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