Monday, May 2, 2016

Book Launch Party Planning & Marketing

In a tough, competitive market, writers need to do all they can to stand out and promote their own books. The book launch party is often glossed over or thrown together without much thought when it can be used as a powerful, marketing tool. Writer…Interrupted Book Launch Party Planning wants to equip you with the tools necessary to make your book launch a success and maybe even get a little media attention!

“Fifteen minutes into our conversation about my book, Gina pulled out elements I hadn’t even thought of. Elements that will definitely help in the marketing and sales of my story.” – Author Mindy Obenhaus

3o Minute Consultation: $20

Gina assess your book summary and pull out different ways you can market and launch your book. Consultations are offered by phone, email, face to face or Skype with the 30  minute consultation fee transferring if you upgrade your social media package.

Out of the Box 1 hour Consultation $75

This consultation includes the above consultation PLUS a brainstorm session of various creative marketing ideas that can help you promote your book. Consultations are offered by phone,  email, face to face or Skype.

You can schedule your consultation here or fill out the form for more information! 


Do it Yourself

30 minute consultation
Party Proposal
Decorating Ideas
Food/drink ideas
Party Favors
Advertising Ideas


$350 plus party expenses

Caldecott Plus
Secure location
Mail invitations
Order party supplies
Basic publicity, twitter, facebook, news releases


$700 for one day
plus  party, travel, and expenses

Newbery Plus

Party Coordinator onsite
Set up and clean up party
Organize food/catering