Saturday, May 30, 2015

Social Media Management

“Fifteen minutes into our conversation about my book, Gina pulled out elements I hadn’t even thought of. Elements that will definitely help in the marketing and sales of my story.”- Author Mindy Obenhaus

Social Media Consultation


3o Minute Consultation: $20

Gina will assess your current social media involvement and needs as well as evaluate your goals and then offer advice to take your business or career to the next level with social media marketing. Consultations are offered by phone, email, face to face or Skype with the 30  minute consultation fee transferring if you upgrade your social media package.

Out of the Box 1 hour Consultation $75

This consultation includes the above consultation PLUS a brainstorm session of various creative marketing ideas that can help you in your business. Consultations are offered by phone,  email, face to face or Skype with$25 transferring if you upgrade your social media package.

You can schedule your consultation using the form below. 


Social Media Packages


MashUp Social Media Package $350

Fun Fact: A digital Mashup contains multiple media ( text, graphics, audio, video, etc.) taken from various sources to create a new work. 

This is our most comprehensive package and is for the Social Media newbie, techno fearful, or challenged. 

This package includes an evaluation of your current social media situation, needs, and goals. Gina will consult on whether or not you need a blog, and she will set up your Facebook (Profile and 1 Page) and Twitter accounts as well as consult on other social media that might benefit your business or career.

Gina will provide you with the tools to create strong blog content, tweets, and Facebook Statuses as well as provide you with unique tweets to promote your career or business.

In addition, you are entitled to one week of limited email debugging consultation plus an hour via phone/email that can be used in 20 minute intervals or more.

If you would like her to manage your social media daily or weekly by posting tweets and status updates, an AddThis package is available.

Fun Fact: is a social bookmarking service users can put on their websites to allow visitors to share their content via social media, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

AddThis: Social Media Management includes:

Updates for Facebook & Twitter:

3 updates a day M-F $25 add ($5 for Sat/Sun)

6 updates a day M-F $40 add ($7 for Sat/Sun)

9 updates a day M-F $65 add ($10 for Sat/Sun)

AddThis: Blog Content includes:

After a consultation, if you think improving your blog content is a direction you would like to go, Gina offers blogging services at 10 -20 cents a word (depending on research required) for one to two times a week with a minimum of $25 a blog. This includes original posts and research needed to write unique content. If your blogging needs exceed more than twice a week,  price will be evaluated on specific needs.

Bitly Social Networking 1 hour Consultation $150

Fun Fact: is a free URL shortening service used on Twitter or anywhere you have a limited number of characters and don’t want a long URL taking up space. 

This is our basic  package for those who are comfortable with Social Media and have social networks in place, but need some extra help in reaching your potential audience/customers. 

This package includes an evaluation of your current social media situation, needs, goals, and brand. Included will be an evaluation of your audience/customers, where you are currently focusing your marketing in regards to social media, and where you should concentrate your efforts.

In addition to the hour consultation, Gina will create a proposal with her evaluation and recommendations.

If you can’t find a package to meet your needs, please inquire and I’d be happy to create a plan just for you!