Thursday, July 24, 2014


Here is an overview of the writing classes and services we offer! Visit the individual pages for more details!

Summer Teen Fiction Online Writing Course

“If you are thinking about publishing a book, she’s amazing. If you just want to write a story, she’s amazing.  I highly recommend her classes.” - Katherine, 11 yrs old

Who: Teens & Preteens, ages 11 and up MORE information HERE!


Beginning Story Writing Online Course

Who: Students going into going into 3rd & up

What: Beginning Story Writing: The Tall Tale

In this course students will improve their writing and learn the basics of storytelling.  MORE information HERE!


Writer…Interrupted Critique Services

“Gina Conroy gives incredibly good critiques. She turned my writing upside down in only 10 pages. She crammed so much in I had to come up for air, but I am so pleased with the outcome.  Before, I only thought I could write.” Jessie Gunderson, busy mom of five


One Sheets

MORE information HERE!


Book Launch Party Planning

In a tough, competitive market, writers need to do all they can to stand out and promote their own books. The book launch party is often glossed over or thrown together without much thought when it can be used as a powerful, marketing tool. Writer…Interrupted Book Launch Party Planning wants to equip you with the tools necessary to make your book launch a success and maybe even get a little media attention!

Prices and MORE information HERE!