Thursday, May 5, 2016


Comprehensive Content Critique


$25 for the first ten pages. $1 per page after that.  

Are you attending a conference soon and need your manuscript in the best shape possible? Are you entering a contest or submitting to a agent or editor and want your entry to be the best it can be? Or are you knew to writing and need some input on your story? We offer a comprehensive critique that includes the three C’s:


  • Is your main character sympathetic, likable, relatable, unique?
  • Is his or her goals and motivation easily identified?
  • Do secondary characters add to the story?
  • Are your characters’ voices distinct from one another?
  • Is the dialogue and emotions believable and does it move the story forward?
  • Is POV consistent?


  • Will the conflict carry the story to the end?
  • Is the internal, external and spiritual conflict identifiable?
  • Is motivation strong enough to make the conflict believable?

Can’t Put it Down:

  • Does the opening hook the reader?
  • Is the writing fresh or cliched?
  • Do scenes and transitions flow or seem choppy and disjointed?
  • How does the author use show vs. tell?
  • Is the writer’s voice unique or distinct enough to make it stand out?

Contact Gina Conroy at writerinterrupted (at) gmail (dot) com