Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hurricanes of Excuse

I said I would do it. I said I would deliver the project on time. I said I would be faithful. I said I would be there. And then Sandy hit. The funny thing is that Sandy didn’t derail my life. Sure, we lost power and the kids missed two weeks of school, but in […]

I Was Supposed to Write Today…

How many times have you made that statement? I was supposed to write, or I’m going to write. Then you never do. Sure, you use the same excuses I do. Life is too busy. There’s not enough time in a day. Yada, yada, yada. I’ve been there. I’m still there. But I realized the real […]

How to Write Without an Office

Does the lack of privacy keep you from writing? In a recent web class I learned more about the unique way I learn, write and study. I had to laugh but I’m in a stage of life where my natural needs in the way of office space (private, quiet, creatively decorated) aren’t an option. With five […]

Getting Past the Excuses

A while ago, Gina encouraged us to stop making excuses, put aside the distractions, and just write. Sound advice. I’d like to expand on her topic, and offer a suggestion on one way folks might make this a reality. As Gina said, writing is HARD. If you’re writing a novel, it might seem next to […]

Why We Should Listen

In July, I wrote about how fear keeps us from writing. To illustrate my point, I shared how in 2006 I prayed for more time to write. I told you how God promptly answered my prayer, as I was laid off the next day and given nine months’ severance pay. Rather than trusting God and […]

Published Authors Speak Out on Why They Don’t Write

Yesterday, Wayne Scott shared candidly about why he isn’t writing, even though he knows he should. Authors not writing is more prevalent than you think. Published authors NOT writing! Even award winning authors. But  after having publishing success, why don’t they write? What keeps a published author from avoiding the chair? And are they susceptible […]

Why We Don’t Write

I haven’t been writing. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you haven’t been writing, either – at least not as much as you’d like. You’ve got a full time job, kids to raise, a home to maintain. Your best friend is going through a tough time right now and desperately needs you. And volunteering at […]

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