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How Does a Mother Balance a Writing Career with Homeschooling?

January 10, 2013 by  
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Home-schooling is already a full-time job, so how does a mother balance a writing career along with it? There are some specific things that we can do to adjust our teaching lifestyle so that we can also enjoy the talents and passion that the Lord instilled in us. In my last article, I spoke about […]

Preparing for Holiday House Guests

December 22, 2012 by  
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Let’s see, by now you’ve decorated the tree, sent cards, wrapped presents, baked cookies, roasted chestnuts and sung carols, all while achieving a daily average of 2000 words, and your house is ready for hosting the perfect Christmas, right? Or maybe not. The holidays are always busy, particularly if you’re preparing for a houseful of […]

Capture Senior Memories this Holiday

November 8, 2012 by  
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It seems as though we were just in the midst of the heat of summer with its tornado and hurricane warnings, floods, and humidity so thick it sometimes felt like you could chop it with a machete. Now here we are rapidly approaching the holiday season! Whether you are celebrating by devouring luscious Thanksgiving turkey, […]

Taking Care of Family While You’re at Conference

September 13, 2012 by  
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So you have your One Sheets, perfected your pitch, you know who you’re pitching to, and you even splurged for a mani/pedi, but what about those you will be leaving behind? As I get ready to drive to the ACFW conference, I’m trying to make sure my family is taken care of. Here’s a checklist […]

When God Stops by

September 9, 2012 by  
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I confess: I don’t always go to church. Like today, the morning after a jam-packed Lindy Hop weekend with lots of fun, friends, and busyness. Not only is my body tired and achy, but my soul wants quiet…peace. And sometimes that is found at home…alone. So when I awoke this morning, I tended to my […]

The Big Picture Perspective in Running a Household

March 22, 2012 by  
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My husband and I enjoy putting together jigsaw puzzles, but it’s been a while since we’ve done one. To remedy this, I picked out a grand thousand piece puzzle depicting a classic scene from Beauty and the Beast. (Hubby took this selection as commentary, but it wasn’t meant as such – honest!) Right now, we’ve […]

How to Write Without an Office

Does the lack of privacy keep you from writing? In a recent web class I learned more about the unique way I learn, write and study. I had to laugh but I’m in a stage of life where my natural needs in the way of office space (private, quiet, creatively decorated) aren’t an option. With five […]

Resurrect Your Dream Passion for 2012

January 2, 2012 by  
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Our dreams can be like a familiar childhood friend. They’re often something we’ve grown up with and treasured in our hearts since we were little, but for one reason or another we’ve drifted away from. We all go through seasons where our dreams need to be grounded so we can focus on other things in […]

Writing a Meal Plan

October 27, 2011 by  
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I recently had a nightmare about destroying my laptop by accidentally setting it on a hot burner on the stove. Once I awoke (and backed up my work), I made a decision: no more writing while cooking! This resolution lasted about two days, and if you’re a writer who is responsible for the cooking in […]

The Sweet Rewards of Back to School!

September 8, 2011 by  
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This is my favorite time of year! The winds of fall bring fresh challenges, a renewal of perspectives and clean slates. Unexplored schoolbooks, sharpened pencils, excited children, motivated mama! I’ve found over the years, that *building up* the back-to-school plunge does wonders in terms of the ripple effect response in my kiddos. So every year […]

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