Friday, April 29, 2016

Marji Laine on Writing

I’m so flattered that Gina asked me to share my story with you. I started my first novel (a murder mystery) on the flight home from my honeymoon. What can I say? I wasn’t into scrapbooking back then.  I never finished that novel, though I got five chapters and two murders into it. Planned most […]

Publishing Doesn’t Validate My Life

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With the results of the Genesis contest semi-finalists still fresh in everyone’s mind, I think this post from Mary DeMuth is a good reminder about perspective and validation in our writing. -Gina Mary DeMuth’s articles have appeared in Marriage Partnership, In Touch, HomeLife, Discipleship Journal. Her books include Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God (Harvest House, 2005), Sister Freaks […]

Publish Your E-Book In 7 Simple Steps!

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I never thought I’d self publish anything. Truly. I’m a traditionally published girl with eleven books under my author belt. I love my publishers, love what they’ve done. But there came a time when one of my book ideas didn’t fit within their needs. The kernel of the idea to e-publish started when I pioneered […]

7 Myths About Publishing

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All authors make a bucket load of money! (Actuality: We make about 78 cents a book. Most of us make less than a teacher’s aid). Rejection ceases to exist once you’ve signed your first book contract. (Actuality: It gets worse, and the rejections hurt more.) Publishing is like those models who get discovered in diners. […]

Writing for God’s Glory vs. Writing for Publication

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Like many writers in the early stages of their careers, I can be found spending some portion of most workdays soaking in advice and information from websites like this one. As I gather perspectives, dichotomies from which I’m sure you know well. The passion of art versus the realities of business. Writing what’s in your […]

20 Things I Wish I Would Have Known Before…

1. Sometimes the book you’re most passionate about doesn’t do well, when a book you aren’t as passionate about succeeds. 2. Quality of writing doesn’t = sales. And the fickle nature of sales is nearly impossible to figure out. Best advice? Write what you’re passionate about and leave the rest in God’s hands. 3. People […]

It’s Not Too Late to Learn Proposal Secrets

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By Terry Whalin What in the world is Proposal Secrets? It’s an ecourse to answer the most frequent questions that would-be authors have about book proposal creation. I hope you will go to the website and check out every word on the page about the product. Notice an image of an audio postcard on the […]

Ding, Dong the Book is Dead?

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From what I can tell so far, The Kindle is the newest high tech rage in reading books that might actually replace the printed book some day. I just started reading about it and several editors are posting on it. It looks like a cool and convenient gadget. Want to read a book by Thomas […]

The Possibilities

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This article appeared in the April 07 issue of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers newsletter In my twenties, I had a framed quote from Emily Dickinson that said, “I Dwell in Possibility…” and I lived by that. I had the whole wide world of writing before me and while I had no idea where it […]

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