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How Does a Mother Balance a Writing Career with Homeschooling?

January 10, 2013 by  
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Home-schooling is already a full-time job, so how does a mother balance a writing career along with it? There are some specific things that we can do to adjust our teaching lifestyle so that we can also enjoy the talents and passion that the Lord instilled in us. In my last article, I spoke about […]

Is Home-Schooling and Writing Possible?

December 28, 2012 by  
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A home-schooling writer? The title builds pictures of a pajama-clad woman huddled in the corner over her laptop. The view of her is partially blocked by a broken easel and a thriving tomato plant. Microscope slides and a celery stalk in purple water decorate her desk while a partially colored US map provides wallpaper behind […]

Making Writing Fun for Kids

Here’s a novel idea. Writing is about writing, not spelling. (I’ll admit, I blinked when I read that. I had my schoolmarm hat on.) If you read my blog, you know I homeschool. You’d also know my mantra: Learning needs to be fun whenever possible! Handwriting for the K-3rd graders isn’t exactly a love affair. […]

Rejoicing in Hope Every Day

February 2, 2012 by  
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I looked up at our black walnut tree and cringed. This winter we’ve been denuding it of all its green “finger thick” limbs, donating pounds and pounds of them to a good cause—a friend’s alternative cancer therapies. Evidently one of the natural approaches she is trying involves drinking a tea made from young black walnut […]

Homeschooling, Homesteading and Living to Write About It

November 10, 2011 by  
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Cold weather has arrived in the mid-west!  Usually this means fewer outside chores for yours truly, but this fall on our homestead, I still have pastured poultry field pens to move and a hundred chickens to feed. Then it’s time to tote wood from the shed up to the house for the day’s ration of […]

Sacrificial Moments in a Homeshool Fishing Booth

October 13, 2011 by  
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Two of my homeschooling friends hosted a Fall Party this weekend. Perfect weather for it, too. We had outdoor games such as a “caramel apple walk”, treasure hunts, egg-and-spoon relays and a picnic-bonfire with a guitar-led sing-along time. At the outset, I found myself with another mom, slightly older than me and a complete stranger, […]

Interview with Writing Mom and Author Jody Hedlund

Be a Trailblazer Contest: During the month of September, Jody is running an epic contest with a prize package worth $300. Here’s the link to the contest page: Tell us a little about your family and your call to write. I’ve been married for twenty years to my college sweetheart. My husband has been […]

How to Homeschool and Write

August 1, 2011 by  
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I’ve always marveled at writers who homeschooled and did both successfully, mainly because I struggled in to do both at the same time. In my quest to learn how to write and homeschool, I had the privilege to interview those who proved it could be done. With the start of the new homeschool year, I […]

Scheduling Interruptions–Luncheon Style

Here in the mid-west, school resumes in mid-August. Only six weeks left of tree frog hunts, fishing expeditions, finding treasures in the veggie garden, lake parties, cook outs and late nights spent capturing fireflies. These long summer days will grow into shorter autumn ones, as we spend more time sharpening pencils, commuting to classes and […]

Life’s Little Interruptions

“We all become frustrated when seemingly meaningless interruptions interfere with plans we have for our careers, families, finances, or ministries. Are we missing God’€™s interventions as He seeks to divert us to His will?”

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