Friday, March 6, 2015

Project ADD? Why It’s So Hard to Finish

Is there such a thing as project ADD? If so, I’ve got it! Probably had it all my life. I remember when I was little my mom saying I always start things, but never finish them. I see that in my adult life now as I look in my office with piles of writing and […]

Organizing: Strategizing Your Writing Career

Let’s be clear about two things: * Strategy is hard work. * Strategy pays off massively. Strategy is hard work because it will never really end. If you’re going to succeed in your writing career, you will need to be continually refining your Strategy. Having a sound strategy doesn’t guarantee you’ll be successful, but it makes your success much […]

Thanksgiving Lessons-Learned List

Happy Thanksgiving! Here in the U.S.A., today is set aside as a day for worship, family, and food. If you’re cooking Thanksgiving dinner (or if you’re responsible for any preparations beyond just showing up at Grandma’s house), you will probably spend some part of this holiday consulting a list. You might think your grocery list […]

Making a Conference Notebook

There’s nothing worse than waiting in line for your editor or agent appoint wondering about the unknown…nothing worse EXCEPT walking into that meeting unprepared when the editor or agent asks to see your One Sheet OR your first chapter, and you fumble through your papers to find it OR don’t have anything to offer. That’s […]

Organize Your Writing Life

What used to be a simple routine of writing in the morning before going to work has morphed into a full-time job of writing as often as possible while also keeping track of a whole list of publicity appointments, editing, more writing projects and, of course, being a mom and a wife. I am here […]

Magic Formula For Staying Clutter-Free For Life

You know that lovely feeling you get when you’ve just organized your shoes, cleared out the filing cabinet, or streamlined your vintage doily collection? *insert whiny voice* Why does it never last? Why must entropy rule? Why do you invariably end up right back in clutter and disorganization? The answer is that backsliding is actually […]

Stash it? Trash it? Or Cash it?

Too much stuff? You’re not alone. Our families are getting smaller – but the top reason people move into a larger home is so they’ll have more room for their stuff. Combine that with another scary statistic… the average person spends 4 1/2 hours a week looking for stuff they can’t find. Sigh. I can […]

Office Must-Haves…

My name is Tricia and I confess … I have office envy. I’ve been talking my some of my novelist friends lately and they have pretty nice offices … A comfy chair? A lamp? A mini fridge??? Sweet! I share my 12 x 12 office with four other people. We have five computer stations, and […]

Time Savers for Fall

“Make the most of every opportunity.” Col 4:5 With fall schedules heating up, carving out time to write is even more of a challenge. I remember many days (even with my kids at school) that seemed to slip by with very accomplished at home — much less at the keyboard. I often thought, “Am I […]

Guest Blogger Mary DeMuth on Writing Resolutions

Will this be the year of your dreams come true? Or just another ho-hum year where you plug away (or not) and end up in the same place you were when you started? How do writers break in? Or better yet, break through? If you’d like to head toward that slippery nirvana called publication, read […]

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